EPOKHE x Imogene Barron

by Heath Mawson

EPØKHE introduces IMOGENE a new collaboration with Imogene Barron.

Long time friends, founder Dion Agius and Imogene Barron have spent the last two years designing the perfect frame to represent Imogene's unique approach and style.

Imogene Barron is a stylist, creative director and consultant who lives and works in Los Angeles. During her career, she has worked as Fashion Director at Oyster, Yen, Dazed & Confused Australia as well a contributing to numerous titles such as I-D and Dazed UK. Previously she edited and published cult independent journal Love Want. The latest publication Junk Magazine launched in October 2013.

"CARRIBEAN DREAM" is a new zine & short film shot by Imogene Barron in Panama to accompany the release of IMOGENE.




'Carribean Dream Zine'


To coincide with the release of her new frame, Imogene Barron travelled to Panama to shoot Carribean Dream, a limited run zine documenting the beautiful country and its incredible people. The zine is already gone, but here are a few of our favourite spreads from the shoot.