The Spirit of Akasha

Posted: Oct 14 2014

Spirit of Akasha: A new film and soundtrack celebrating 40 years of Morning of the Earth

The title Morning of the Earth originated from Bali when we went there for the first time in the early seventies to explore Bali’s culture and surf possibilities. The Island was so incredibly beautiful that India’s visiting Prime Minister called it “the morning of the world”.

When we arrived Kuta and Legian were just villages with dirt roads — there were no tourists. The Island reflected so perfectly what we were hoping to capture in the film — the natural beauty and spiritual qualities of our world, and through surfing show those qualities.

Times have changed since then however, the essence of surfing — of riding waves is still the same. Surfing evokes in us a deep connection with our soul and identifies something that is beyond imagination — beyond words — it gives to us love and beauty — unconditionally and asks nothing in return.
When you ride a wave — you enter another zone. A place so peaceful and perfect, a place you know so well, a place beyond any realm in the outside world. Timeless and formless — where everything is so perfect — you want nothing else. Riding a wave is the magnetic attraction that keeps up linked to other worlds. I am That and That is the Spirit of Akasha.

Albert Falzon, 2012

Spirit of Akasha from Spirit of Akasha on Vimeo.

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