A frame built on exotic atmospheres - from balmy island beaches to downtown NYC grit. In collaboration with Evan Mock he has created a frame that evokes a lifestyle. Suede’s silhouette prompts the soft flowing contours of waves creating a shape that captures 60s beatnik sub-style. Produced in 4 unique contemporary colorways that are distinct to Evans style and personality form sun drenched days swept into blurred evenings.

Shot on location in New York City. Directed & edited by Kai Neville.

Epokhe x Evan Mock

Evan Mock is a multi-hyphenate creative force hailing from the North Shore of Hawaii, currently inhabiting New York City. Evan worked closely with the EPOKHE design team to bring to fruition a new collection that aims to capture the exotic atmosphere of both those worlds.

Premium Handmade Eyewear

Suede is built from the finest handmade materials adorned with Evans custom iconic starfish Jewell positioned eloquently on each arm. This beautifully balanced frame is for everyone from Avenue A to the Banzai.